Choosing the right penis extender

Penis extenders have become more and more popular over the last decade. Why? Because they are the one solution that really works if you want to add an inch or two to your penis. A lot of companies want a piece of all the sales, so they produce cheap devices to attract the buyers. I was one of them a few years ago, I did some research and found penis extenders from $100 to $500.

I was under education and did not have a lot of money so I bought a device for $100. That was a huge mistake! I was not able to wear it at all; there were no options to adjust the extender to make it more comfortable to wear. I tried for about a month but it ended up in the box it came in. I think it’s still in a drawer somewhere in my room.

The importance of comfort!

The more comfortable it is so wear the penis extender, the more you can wear it and in the end you will see better results. That’s why the main thing to look after, when you choose a penis extender, is the comfort system that the device offers.

I personally bought the SizeGenetics penis extender because it has a “58 ways system” that allows you to adjust the device so it will fit you perfectly. You can follow my penis enlargement project on the front page of this site here

Quality, quality and more quality

The second thing to look for it quality! Unfortunately quality comes at a cost. You will not be able to buy a quality penis extender for $100 that’s simply not going to happen. It’s hard to see the quality of the device unless you have it in your hands. But if you go for a penis extender in the $250 to $500 range you should be fine.

I have heard stories about a man who bought a cheap penis extender in plastic and one day it snapped and the end that snapped when right into his penis 🙁 Look out for plastic and buy stuff that’s made from metal.

Bonus material

The third thing you look for is bonus material. Some products come with all sort of weird shit that they think you will like! But to be honest, the only thing you really need is some sort of penis exercise program. It’s important to do penis exercises before and after each penis extender session. It will dramatically increase your gains and prevent damage to your penis.

Most of the products that cost above $250 have a penis exercise program included.

Time to buy

You should get yourself a good penis extender if you follow the 3 simple guidelines above. I would personally recommend the SizeGenetics penis extender. It has the absolutely best comfort system and it is well build and comes with an exercise program called PenisHealth.

You can buy SizeGenetics in the link in the sidebar and use the discount code “WORLD50” to get a $50 discount. 

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  1. Thanks for the info Bjorn! I’m looking for a penis extender right now, but was a bit confused. The marked for this kind of stuff if full of shit!
    I was going to buy a cheap device, but that does not have any comfort system at all!
    I’ll propperly go for the sizegenetics just like you.
    Take care man!

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